Online Tracker
Clinical trial disclosure is a complex process, often involving multiple functions, disparate systems and overlapping internal procedures.
This complexity can result in a bewildering array of spreadsheets and calendars with which companies struggle to maintain oversight and stay on top of compliance deadlines as their studies move through the process.
The Xogene Online Tracker eliminates the need for messy spreadsheets, allowing users a streamlined method of organizing and tracking studies, staying ahead of key compliance milestones and gauging internal and outsourced team performance. 
Key information 
The Xogene Tracker gives you instant metrics on the information you care about.
Where's my Study?
See exactly where your studies are along the process and when they entered each step. Intuitively see where the bottlenecks are. 
Stay ahead of your compliance deadlines by knowing which projects are at risk and when. Gauge performance and process efficiency and spot process gaps before they become problems. 
Easy to Navigate
View and search your studies in an intuitive spreadsheet like interface. 
Study at a glance
View study details, timeline, key dates and more on a single screen.
Workflow Timeline
See a full audit trail of all the workflow steps, comments and other activities for any study.
Know Your Dates
Set target dates for milestone steps and let the Tracker forecast estimated dates and compliance status.
Calendar View
Visually manage your key compliance dates. Drag and drop to change to new target or deadlines dates.